Monday, November 28, 2011

what you may not know


as you know i was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome back in september.  i am on a mission to heal me naturally.  do not get that confused with me being cured.  pcos is not a syndrome in which you can be cured.  i can however, control my symptoms by natural means.  so, that's what i'm doing.

first, i started taking ViSalus which you have all read about.  i drink 2 shakes daily.  i have started eating clean and as close as the paleo way of eating as i can.  i have cut out white foods because for me personally they cause me to get sick.  maybe not to my stomach per say, but they make me break out with cystic acne, tend to make me go on a frenzy of wanting more more more and i just don't need that.

lets talk about why pcos is a beyatch...

first, off, have you ever stood in line and felt sweat dripping down your back or your leg and you are in the air conditioning? have you ever had to change your clothes because they are drenched and you haven't had a water fight or worked out...or better yet, and it's in the dead of winter....
do you feel like you HAVE GOT TO HAVE carbs or sugary foods or you will bite someones head off and deep down you are hoping they have a chocolaty filled center?  do you periodically look [or constantly] in the mirror at yourself and swear you see a hormone raging teenage boy?  these are just the tip of the ice burg.  i've only just begun.  but, i will stop there because i'm over it.

i no longer have heat stroke in winter BUT i am looking like a hormonal teenage boy.  yes.  acne.  cystic acne.  do you even know what that is?  let me show you what my problem is and how bad it can get.  i have areas of concern that look like vulgaris, conglobata and even fulminans.  i've started using obagi clenziderm and it's fabulous.  it doesn't dry my face out and it actually puts the moisture in.  

i have met the sweetest women these last few months that have really been a supportive structure for me.  together we are making our voices heard.  we are helping each other, supporting one another and making friendships that i have no doubt will last a lifetime.  my cysters are my family now and i can't imagine my life without them!

till next time 


cyster erika


  1. I found you through Kristen....did your PCOS start with a ruptured cyst? I have bad acne and lots of headaches...moody...def want sugar...are these all signs. I don't have night sweats, but I can't sleep with anything more then a sheet on. I'm so miserable.

  2. hey! my pcos started with a LOT of cramping. most likely was a ruptured cyst but i am not sure. your symptoms are very familiar. very. i hate you are going through this!!!! =( i'm learning more and more each day and feel like i'm just supposed to continue to share my story. i am a veteran as well [SSgt, USAF] and married my love who is active duty AF! =) we have that in common! feel free to contact me at any time...334-730-8991

  3. OMG are you in Alabama, that's our next base, we PCS Feb 1st!!

  4. So I know this is totally off topic but if I remember correctly you mentioned your daughter was to have scans in December??? I hope they were all clear!

  5. I've suffered with pcos too....horrible cramping, acne, and infertility. Great blog. I found you on Bloggy Moms--AL group. Will be following you. :) Check out my blog: