Saturday, September 24, 2011

when the camera comes out to play

it's all about the...

let's be honest.  if you have a great eye, you can make it happen.  the aha! moment.  you are in the mode.  you've found the right spot, you've got the right subject, the lighting seems to be just so...
and then...
oh em gee...
you see the most adorable little person.!

i have the sweetest little person in mind.  her name is hope. her mommy calls her "buggie" and she fits her nickname to a tee.  she's such a little buggie.  oh, i could eat her up.

well, i made a little headband for my new niece who will be joining us in january.  we.can't.wait!
she will have a big brother raiden who in my opinion is the cutest little guy eva!  he is going to be 3 in november.  i love him to pieces.  my sister is 4 years older than me so we are very close and oh em gee i am just overwhelmed with finding luna "bug" the cutest things on [you guessed it] pinterest !!!  oh yes!  and, i made her this cute as a button headband.  yes, i made it.  *ahem* i channeled my inner "heather" and retro'd it out.  and came up with the cutest thing eva.  she's going to rock it!  so, instead of sending my sister a picture of just the headband, i decided to send her a picture with my cutie patooty neighbor wearing it!  [swooon] she is too cute!

yay!  i got to play with my camera =)

my luna bug is going to be adorable!!!  yay!

Friday, September 23, 2011

wordless wednesday #3

boys will be boys

my sons love the rain.  honestly, so do i.  well, as long as the tornado sirens do not follow [eek!]  i know it's coming.  this time of year is the cozy time of hot chocolate, fuzzy blankets, rain drops and cooler weather.  


we are in the south folks!

so, for a few more months, although the rest of the world gets to experience the cooler side, we get the rain...and the cooler weather won't follow for atleast a good few months.  so, what happens?  the boys play in the mud...and it's not just my's my friend's boys too!  us girls just sit and laugh.  especially alyssa because are you kidding?  she would NEVER get that dirty!  so, what do i do?  grab my camera with the zoom lense because there is no way i'm getting dirty either, lol and snap away!  here is my favorite picture of the day!

this just screams boys will be boys!  they are dirty.  there is mud.  they are covered.  and, they couldn't be happier!

let's not forget the small things in life!  being a kid is precious...they will never forget it.  our boys will always remember the little moments in time that we allowed them to be ... boys.  

god made dirt, and dirt don't hurt =)