Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the abc's of moi

the abc's of moi

i was invited to join a little fun event as a better way to getting to know me from my friends at voiceBoks   i hope you have fun reading them.  i have had fun reading the abc's of my friend's so this will be fun to fill out.  here goes...and oh by the way, don't be surprised, there is no way that i can use 1 word.  

age i am 32 and loving my 30's! although, when i turned 29 i think i had a mini break down  argile love the print it's fabulous seriously, it just is, especially on tights.
butterfly they follow me everywhere.  they even land on me.  when my daughter was diagnosed w/the brain tumor, my uncle who is chief of the shawnee nation in california named her butterfly dancing because everytime he would pray for her he'd have a butterfly dancing around her.  even before she was born, her baby bedding was butterfly themed.  then, when my niece passed away, i noticed them even more...so, they are always around and they comfort me and my daughter notices them too.  brain tumor that word will be a part of me for the rest of my life.
coffee i big puffy heart love it but it needs to have sugar free vanilla creamer and agave or splenda in it!  converse any color, anytime, anywhere. 
do it yourself because i'm cool like that! i honestly just learned how to read how to build furniture plans.  i have made a few pieces and even turned my drab dining room table into a fab one.  now i love it.  donughts i love them but they don't love me.  it's a sad relationship really
extra weight i'm on a mission to lose it this year!  i can help you too if you are interested let me know and follow my posts in "good bye granny - hello nanny!" lol [and no, it's actually not because i eat too many donughts] eureka the word bugs me eclectic a word i use to describe my style
family they are the reason i get up everyday. fart a common word used in our house lol fabulous is a word i probably use way too much
god who is the center of our household.
hawai'i i grew up there and never knew just how lucky i was until i left.  isn't it always that way? geez, i was spoiled.
ireland because i cherish my irish background and would love to visit ireland one day same goes for italy but i'm not italian, my husband is
jesus because he died on the cross for you and me and the least i can do is share his free gift to as many that will listen - before it's too late
kindergarten which is where i will be spending most of my free time next year because my 3rd child will be starting school and i want to be the room mom
laughing loudly - it's the best sound. ever!  laundry is something i despise doing.  thankfully, my husband hates the dishes, so i do those and he does the laundry.  
mamaka the name my husband calls me when he's not calling me babe morning my favorite time of day midnight sun the book i can't wait to come out by stephanie meyer because i am a twilight fan and let's face it, edward and bella's lovestory is that good mochi a delight i can't get enough of but i only get it back home
norby my maiden name which i hated growing up and respect it now that i'm older
ohhh eemmm geee because i love that word!
pinterest need i say more? polycystic ovarian syndrome i have it and was misdiagnosed for many years
quaint the kind of town i'd like to live in someday quirky a great word to describe me
retro i love retro style in fact, i think i was probably born in the wrong era.  i can pretty much guarantee it
stylish atleast i like to think so short i can't really help that smiles a lot in fact, in school, my nick name was "smiley" ya.  i was a cheerleader. what? don't judge.
thinks outside the box i def do that.  i made a coat/back pack rack out of my sons toddler bed head board.  yup.  could't get rid of it.  so, now i can look at it and think of him as a wee one....
unbelievably easy to talk to and people tell me their life stories all the time.  which is fine because i would love to be a counselor some day to teens.  i think that from the age of 8/9 and on girls especially need guidance and really should be payed extra attention to and should have the opportunity to feel safe and be able to talk to someone they trust even if it's outside their home.  so, i'd love to be a counselor at a school.  someone that young girls can relate to and feel comfortable talking to.  i had the opportunity to counsel a young girl and later she shared that the night i listened to her she was going to take her life, but i showed her love and that i cared.  she had her entire death planned [and told me in detail] she thanked me for taking the time to talk to her that night.  ever since then, i have had a passion to counsel. 
very passionate about suicide awareness, especially in teens ViSalus is going to change my world!
will do anything for a family member or friend in need, i understand what it's like to be in hard times and if i can help in any way i will 
xanax is an over used anti depressant.  while i was in the process of being diagnosed with pcos, this is one that i wasn't prescribed. 
yo-yo'ing i never could quite get the hang of it
zoologist in the 5th grade, it's the job i wanted to do "when i grew up" and, now that i am still "growing up" i love to take my children to the zoo and see their faces and faces as they watch the elephants, gorillas and giraffes in their habitats.  it's like being a kid again myself.


  1. love your blog you now have 27 followers.

  2. thanks!!! =) i will have to check your blog out too!

  3. Great ABC's! I love the style of it too! It's so cool how everyone took the list and made it their own! My daughter has a brain disorder that effects all aspects of her development, living and dealing with her special needs has changed me forever. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter. Great to get to know a bit more about you!!!

  4. wow, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter! You are a very strong woman! I am following back from your comment on my WW post last week. :) Thanks for stopping by, in answer to your question you had in your comment, I would love to be featured on your blog roll and would love to add you to mine too. Do you have a button I could add?


  5. brooke -- hey! yes, i do have a button, it's on my home page, go right on ahead and grab it! =) that would oh so fabulous! thanks!