Thursday, September 15, 2011

[not so] wordless wednesday #2 "boys just want to be like daddy"

wordless wednesday #2
it's wednesday which only means one thing...
it's a [not so] wordless wednesday linking partay!
so let's get this party started!

last wednesday i decided to start off my [not so] wordless wednesday to introduce myself by using inspirational pictures that brought out the kid in me 
it was very therapudic to write about memories taking me back to my childhood.  i was a very blessed child who can honestly say hand on heart, girl scout honor, had the most amazing up bringing.  my sister and i were 4 years apart, and sure, we may not have always gotten along, but, we are so close now that none of that matters.   we are one of the few families who did not have to deal with a family divided.  our mom and dad have been and are still madly in love with each other.  we may have made the "icky" face and laughed while pointing fingers [much like my children do now] while mommy and daddy snuggled on the couch or kissed secretly [or so they thought] in the corner of the kitchen, but inside our hearts were as happy as a bird with a french fry [*ahem, totally took that little analagy from my "ying" aka best friend jen] 

 so, this week's post i decided to share a few little shots of my little boys isaac and gunnar.  i got my new camera and took it for a test run. they were out playing and well, i couldn't help but get tickled as i watched them "pretend".  it melted my heart.  they were so sweet...first we were out in the front yard, then we ventured to the back yard when their little land of make believe came to life and i was lucky enough to be a part of it.  

i think the only way to title this would be
"boys just want to be like daddy"

first, we were in the front yard, and they were interested in mommy's camera
here's gunnar with his string cheese "want some?"  "no, thanks sweetie"

i have to tell you, i don't know what it is, but my boys go through this stage in which they do not like clothes.  i just don't get it.  it starts at about the age of 2 and continues until they go to kindergarten.  they only want to wear their under-roos.  what's the deal?  isaac, thankfully, wears shorts all of the time and even will put on a shirt.  but, usually is seen shirtless.  but gunnar, oh no.  that kid loves to only wear his under-roos.  he will get dressed in a heart beat if someone comes over.  it's the funniest thing.  he'll disappear and the next thing you know he's magically dressed.  it always makes me laugh.  [you know what, even alyssa went through a little phase like this.  but, for her, she only wanted to wear her bathing suit or dress up clothes]  what a difference.  anywho...

gunnar then gave me a squishy face...i love how dirty he looks.  haha.  classic little boy.
so, i have my brown eye'd baby and my blue eye'd baby.  isaac wants to be behind the camera...oh how i hate to tell him no, but i can't afford [literally] to break this one!  [my first DSLR after many smaller cheap point and shoots that i must admit i have broken] he is a fun guy to follow when he's not begging to take a picture, because he has such a great imagination.  he gives me the funniest looks too.

"please, just one picture?"

"just one?  come on mom..."

after letting him sit between my legs and squeeze up through the strap [which thankfully he's small enough to do that] he was a happy guy and he snapped a great picture of our cat bill.  he's an old outdoor [by choice] cat. he has moved with us to every new duty station and every place we move to he decides whether or not he wants to live in the house or not.  we happen to live in the country, so this cat is smart.  he comes to the house to eat and if it's cold he'll come in and if it's raining but other than than that, he loves it outside.  i like it because there is no kitty litter box!  score!  so, here is isaac's photography skills 

i framed his picture so he would feel like a "real photographer"

now i have a happy boy and we decide to go to the back yard.  
but, before we, go, daddy calls and the boys talk to him "mommy let
 me take a picture with her camera!" "mommy took a picture of me" [i then had to explain that i did not let him take the picture by himself, lol]

this picture is so sweet

i mentioned in another post that the boys had dug a hole in the yard.  well, this is what they've been doing.  i can't help but laugh because they are truly being creative.  i have been seeing them taking daddy's "extra" tool's outside and bringing them back in when they are cleaning up when it's time to come in for dinner.  i don't hear fighting so i have no need to really go outside and continually supervise.  they are old enough now [and we have a 7 foot privacy fence] where they can be left out in our back yard and they don't get into things that they aren't supposed to.  it's safe, they won't get kidnapped, it's our yard.  the only way you get in is through our house, so i know when they come and go. 

well, after we were in the front yard, they wanted to play in the back yard.  it was so nice out i decide to just relax and enjoy the cooler weather we've been having.  with camera in tow, i follow them out.  isaac goes back into the house and grabs his tools.  then what happens next i'm just literally feeling my heart melting i had to take this opportunity to take a few snap shots.

at first the tools just sit on the dirt.  this is a big circle where the pool that was up all summer killed the grass.  it will go back up next summer, but this fall it will be their "track"  [notice gunnar in his under-roos, lol] they are making their vroom vroom noises and having a grand time

"gunnar hand me the wratchet" i don't think either one of them even knows what a wratchet is, but without even a hesitation, gunnar grabs the closest tool and hands it to his brother
back and forth the exchange takes place...
because apparently a wrench is what is best used for digging holes according to gunnar

then i notice isaac...

"isaac honey, what are you doing?" "oh, i'm just fixing the bug" "what's wrong with it?" "it's sluggish" "ok, well, how are you going to make it work?" "by taking the slug out of it"  lol, now that is genius!  =)

i just love it when the boys act like their dad.  i think it's really sweet.  just like when little girls act like their mommy's. there is just something about them mimiking the adults around them that is adorable to me.  little kids acting like adults.  [insert pouty lip and me saying awh that is so stinkin cute]  it literally melts my heart.  if only you could have heard them interact.  it went a little along the lines of:

"gunnar, dude, pass me the wratchet.....thanks bro."  [he made these click click bang bang sounds with the "wratchet" which was actually a set of pliars the first time, a wrench the second time, screw driver the third, you get the idea...]  "yup" was gunnar's reply which by the way made me laugh because he was very busy. [apparently digging a hole with one of the extra "wratchet's" *ahem* wrenches was much more important to him] "gunnar, dude, if you want to stay on the pay roll, you need to keep your head in the game.  i need a lube."  gunnar was now irritated.  he had lost interest in isaac's fantasy "mr.fix it" car repair shop.  i mean, they'd been playing for over 15 minutes by this point.  he's only 4 for crying out loud!

he stands up and grabs the bucket o'tools, which was actually an old basket i had in my bathroom that used to house brushes [i was throwing it away, and i found it under the sink full of tony's odds and ends tools.  mmm k]
gives his brother the basket and with a very calm voice says what may very well be my favorite thing this entire week:
"isaac, i am not on your payrule.  mommy pays me.  you are not the boss to me. take yur tuls i'm diggin"

and with that, isaac and i exchanged glances and we couldn't help but laugh.  he resumed playing, gunnar resumed digging and i snapped a few more pictures.  it was a pretty fun day.  those boys are quite funny when they are not fighting.
if you made it this far, i applaud you.  i know it's a wordless wednesday, but i'm def not a girl of few words.  so i effectionatly call it a [not so] wordless wednesday.  see you next wednesday =) looking forward to reading your posts!  don't forget to comment and link up!


  1. I see that they still love string cheese! Haha! I love the car pit they made lol. Very creative.

  2. Great photos and a great story to go along with them!

  3. Such cute picture!!!!!!!!!!
    Following you from VB.

  4. thanks guys! i tell ya, i don't know what i'd do if i didn't have kids to make me laugh =) i shall go and check out your blogs! [how cute is the peanut butter and whine! love it and fabulouskids bruce, i'm pretty sure i've already checked your blog out, but i shall make sure =) summy! you know gunnar will ALWAYS love string cheese! lol

  5. LOL dontcha just love kids? They say and do the most amazing things. Just checking in and saying helloooooo, hope you have a great weekend. Keep us posted if they start taking apart you car! :)

  6. very cute! we have the same barbie bug. :-) maybe i should send it over so your boys can take a look see and get 'er working again? piper would love it!

    stopping by from voiceboks - following too!

  7. Great pictures! Obviously the weather is still good over there.

    Got here from Members to remember.

  8. You're a cool mom... I'd never let my kids dig a hole in the ground. (GASP!!! HORROR!!!!) I am all for tents in the living room, and my bonus room walls are filled with holes from sword fights. It's just the yard where I say enough is enough...

    And I DO let my daughter pick all the flowers she wants :D

    I want a new camera!!!!!

  9. I loved this post. It was so cute! I'm glad it wasn't wordless after all.

  10. Your kids were having so much fun :) I can clearly see that :) Digging a hole?! Cuteness! I'll try that if only I have my own backyard..

  11. Too adorable! I love when they are little and say the cutest things! My son would always take my husband's tools and dig holes outside.

    The Sluggish bug comment was too cute!

  12. oh karen!!! now i think i would literally have a heart attack if my bonus room [well, actually the invisible one in my head seeing as we don't have one in this house, but we will in the next one, lol] had holes in the wall!!! i do have to say, that the only place they do dig holes is in that circle o' dirt because it's the designated area. doesn't that sound weird? it's where the pool goes every year. so, in the fall and winter the boys have free reign. then in the spring we get it ready again for the summer. we till it and put fresh sand back down and fill up the holes they've made and it's all fresh again. the tarp goes back over it and then the pool. when you "ready" the area it keeps the grass from dying and smelling like a pig farm. the neighbor's really appreciate it i'm quite sure because although i wasn't here the first year we put up the pool [i was in Peru for a missions trip] daddy had his test run with it, he told me it smelled like a pig farm and ironically enough, i had just visited an area where there really was one and oh holy wowza i felt awful for anyone within 50 yards of our home because if it smelled anything close to what i experienced in the little village in lima well, lets just say that gag city is putting it nicely. so, that little area is theirs to play all fall and winter long. if they dare make holes anywhere else i'd have a kaniption. am i still a cool mom? cuz, i can delete this entire comment to stay cool =) lol

  13. Cute boys...cute kitty too :) Visiting from VB

  14. Hi there! I enjoy reading your blog, and would like to pass along the Liebster Blog award to you! Please check out my post with rules for accepting the award~

  15. Too funny! Boys are great I loved taking the slug out!! (Joel's MRI was clear.)

  16. My son likes to hang out in his undies too. I think it must be a boy thing.

  17. Stopping over from Rise Above your Limits.

    Love the story about your boys. So funny!! In the one picture, I thought your one son was in a hole, then I realized he was under his little car. LOL!!! I can be such a ditz sometimes.

  18. oh em geeee!! [my journey with candida] you are NOT a ditz!!! isaac WAS in a hole!!! bwaaahaaahaaa the boys actually dug a hole and he was in it!!! lol =)

    mama wolfe [i am so honored by your comment] i am JUST now getting on my blog because our computer decided to have a nervous break down and has been freaking out on me!! aaah! i will go to your blog and read up on how to accept. thank you, you have made my day =)

    you have all made me laugh, after not being able to get online in a bit, i'm sitting here just in stiches....and humbled too =) thanks!