Tuesday, September 6, 2011

cinnamon facial ~ burn baby, burn!

*disclaimer:  this facial is not meant to treat, cure or prevent acne or any other skin problem.  the author/creator of this post [erikakey] or host of this blog [blogspot.com] do not claim responsibility for any adverse reaction that you may encounter.  consumer applies mask at own risk and by applying mask you are acknowledging that you are aware that mask may burn skin, irritate eyes, cause redness, itchiness and peeling.  if any of these reactions occur, rinse mask off with water, pat with dry face towel and apply soothing moisturizer once face has air dried.  i have mentioned severe/worse case scenario.   by experimenting with at-home facial, consumer accepts all responsibility and revokes any right to take legal action against either the author of blog/webhost.* 

burn baby burn
it's a home-made
cinnamon facial
[a black head removal technique]

are you wondering why my face looks like i have mud on it?  well, it's not mud.  at the time, i would have much rather had mud on my face believe me.  this my friends is what i call the "burn baby burn" facial.  here are the ingredients:
1T cinnamon
1T brown sugar
1T sea salt 
1T olive oil
1T lime juice
1/2 T milk
in a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients 
work into a paste
put onto face like a mask
let dry [if it burns, only wear for as long as you can possibly stand]
rinse, cleanse using normal routine; may repeat once a week
oh friends, i would love to hear your experience after trying this facial.  my first time trying this facial i did not use milk.  i thought i was going to cry.  the above picture was taken literally 5 seconds before i was about to lose it.  after i snapped the picture, i threw my face in the running shower, i didn't care that my entire shirt was getting wet in the shower, my face was on fire.  if you look closely, under my eyes, where the mask is you can see the redness, and you can see it near my lip and on my chin.  it burned like crazy!  my skin was BEET red for almost 2 hours!  it's the cinnamon.  the next time i did the facial, i added milk [my sister's suggestion] and it was much better.  she also suggested adding honey, but i didn't have any.  
i will admit, the blemishes i did have were not as noticeable the following day so the cinnamon, salt and lime did do their job in that aspect.  my skin also felt tighter and thanks to the olive oil it was soft.  i was very happy with that.  home facials are very beneficial as far as knowing exactly what is in them as well.  it's a nice feeling.  
  so, don't let the burning scare you off.  hey, it smells really good.  it's better than the egg facial.  i can't do that one.  ick.  that's just down right deeee-ssscusting.  [i think i threw up a little in my mouth just thinking about it] 

and on that note i say toodle-oooh

happy anniversary to my hubster tony; 9 years ago today, you became my mister...you're my happily ever after...


  1. I am going to try this, but I need a few things from the store first. Mainly milk, we are fresh out!

    Do you have a facial for dry skin? Winter is coming...

    VoiceBoks Member

  2. I love do-it-tourself spa products! I used a cocoa body scrub with cocoa powder, brown sugar, and olive oil after a trip to the beach (and all of the sand/sun/salt yuckiness)... and seriously I smelled SO yummy and my skin was so soft! The burning, though... that kinda scares me... :) Visiting from vB!

  3. don't let the burn scare you! lol, just make sure you test your inner wrist first...you can test that =)

    green eyes! yes, i will have one for dry skin for this winter!!! it will have [are you ready??] coconut milk in it....oh yes!