Thursday, September 8, 2011

i'm a bloggy mom, are you?

a mom blog community!
if you are not a member,
you need to be!

it all started on tuesday night.  does this ever happen to you?  you find a blog by chance?  well, of course it does, but, do you ever forget how you found it?  because, to tell you the truth,  i have no clue how i ended stumbling across this site!  i will tell you, i am very grateful i found her though!  so, this is where the story begins.

i linked up to my  new fabulous friend's blog  and have entered this whole new world!  i know, that may sound a bit drastic.  but seriously. i went from basically talking to myself to now having 12 followers!  [that was at last check] and i couldn't be more excited!  i know 12 followers is not very much and compaired to some of the other "big baller" blogs [har har har] it's nothing, but to me, it's everything.  to me, it means that what i'm writing is ___________ good/funny/interesting/catching/pulling/  [you can put any word in that little blank] for you to first take the time to follow me on google friend connect [GFC], and second, leave me a comment to encourage me.

i know you have been here, where i am, before you got to your first 20 followers.  it's not that i feel unimportant.  because, i do know that if you truly have a passion for something, and you put forth the effort in that passion, you will succeed.  but, you have to keep your focus.  so, i do appreciate the comments.  i do appreciate you following me and giving me that little boost i needed to know that the hard work i have put into this blog has not been for just "another on line journal".

i was introduced to a  
blog hop and let me say i have had so much fun this week, it's quite ridiculous really.

first, you link up to a party.  check.  i found one.  by accident.  but, hey, there aren't rules.  you don't make an appointment.  you do this to make friends!  to get your blog exposure!  i linked up, and literally started clicking blog after blog.  the linking party i joined was called "wordless wednesday" which, i will continue to be a part of...for a long time.  i don't quite get the whole wordless thing.  at first i didn't post any words.  but, as i read other blogs i saw that they did.  so of course, i am a girl of many many words, so i just can't not write.  i went back and typed up a little story to go with my inspirational pictures.  

well, after visiting blog after blog, linking to this one and that one.   following the ones that completely sparked my interest, liked them on facebook, followed them on twitter [yes, i totally cyber stalk -- but i know everyone is totally ok with that, as am i] i started noticing the same button.
a mom blog community!

ok, so not the exact same one as above, that's just the one i chose to use for this post [you can see the other buttons on my side bar]  but regardless, they are all advertising for bloggy moms; a little slice of internet heaven.  =)

if you are a mom + a blogger this will be the perfect match for you. i got nosey after seeing it on so many of the blogs i liked, and man i am so happy i did.  

there are groups you can join
you can blog 
find friends, add friends, invite friends,
 find other mom's who are blogging in your area
 blog hop through bloggy moms
and much, much more!

take a little time and check out bloggy moms, believe me, you will be happy you did!!

and oh by the way, did i forget to mention, it's free? ya, that.  totally free!


  1. I'm going to go check this out. Thanks!

  2. oh angela -- i'm excited you read this! find me on there and "friend" me =) lol, it's a great site. i'm pretty much giddy about it!