Monday, September 5, 2011

oh me oh my

ok, let me just be honest.  i have been working on my blog for 2 weeks.  yes.  2 weeks.  every day while the kids are at school.   gunnar has been playing with my iphone reading the books [better yet, they are reading to him but it's still learning, right?] that i downloaded for him so i can get this set up.  this is not as easy as everyone makes it sound.  i love blogs such as tater tots & jellothe house of smiths and my all time favorite is by far 
the idea room.  these websites are put together so well.  i love them to pieces!  they make me want to come back for more!  of course we all know that good blogging has tons to do with first and foremost - a good camera.  i will be investing in one of those soon.  very soon.  secondly - you need to have a clean, crisp, background.  well, thanks to the girls at the cutest blog on the block i not only got a great background, i snagged a few buttons and read up on their "secrets" and learned a few tips from them!  they will also create a custom web page for you if you contact them!  they also write a blog which you can check out 2 moms talk these ladies are awesome in my book!   third - you need to have a site that is easy to navigate through...and then finally have content that is worth reading.  well, i think i have all my ducks in a row. it's a learning process and unless you pay someone [as i'm sure some do] i will be learning all the tricks as i blog along....ahem....i welcome any tips you may have!  like, how do you post in additional pages? for example, i have the when the fruit come out to play page.  i'd love to post little stories about the kids in there.  or make a page for tutorials...and have all the tutorials in there.  does anyone know how to do this?

i have to give a big thank you to my friend huma who is the sweetest blogging buddy i have.  seriously, she reached out to me after i posted a comment on the little hen house [a blog that we both openly & admittedly stalk & i might add morgan, the blog owner totally encourages stalking so it's ok] stating a problem i was having with a html she had written.  she asked me to e-mail her and she'd fix the code.  from that point on we became friends.  we have exchanged e-mails back and forth, usually me telling her what i have accomplished thanks to her.  she has explained so much and has given me the confidence to actually do the research and that's how i found all the information above.  SCORE!  i am so happy to have found her!  she is quite hilarious too which is a bonus.  i mean, come on, we can't read a blog if the writer has dry humor can we? i think not.  and , i mean, how often can we say that we write a blog owner and get a response?  ok, so i didn't actually write huma personally, but i have written other blog owners that i absolutely adore [to whom will remain nameless] that say they love to get e-mail, and asked for advice, but did not get a response.  huma wrote me without me even asking her for advice.  to me, that's super cool.  and, that shows that she's a team player.  so, in honor of how awesome my bloggy world friend huma is, i encourage you to go stop by huma's page and show her some love.  grab her button, share her page, like her on facebook.  and tell her erika sent you --- she'll get a giggle outta that!


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  1. Hi Erika...I am a new follower from Voiceboks and I think your site looks great. I can't wait to read more. Come by and visit me at when you get a chance.