Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 years has it really been 10 years?


i don't really know what to say.  i can't believe that it has been 10 years since the attacks.  i remember i was sound asleep in my sister's apartment when my brother in law woke me up.  i was on leave in hawai'i.  it was 3:56am.  he turned on the t.v and said that the twin towers had been hit.  at first i didn't understand what he was saying.  why would someone attack the twin towers? another war in hawai'i? [there are a set of condo's that are called the twin towers and it made no sense to me] it wasn't until we were watching the live news coverage that we could see it was new york.  

right before our eyes,  in what looked like slow motion, we saw the next plane approaching the second tower.  we thought it was a replay.  until we realized it wasn't.  

talk about surreal.  to know we were watching history in the making at that very moment and we could do absolutely nothing to help.  what a feeling.  

confusion set in.  i was feeling helpless.  and then, i could see the people jumping.  that was the hardest thing to watch.  to know that you are going to die because there is no way out, and the fire is getting closer, the air becoming thicker and thicker.  no.way.out. no other option.  your only choice left for you to make is to jump.  to get that last breath of fresh air.  you could hear them hitting the pavement.  i couldn't believe what i was seeing. it was like we were watching a nightmare before our eyes.  

another plane crashes.  more fatalities.  then another.  what is going on?

we have never been the same.  

i have seen us unite since september 11.  i remember rows and rows of houses with flags displayed.  to see that, it makes you proud to be an american.  

it has been 10 years.  are we still as strong as we were a year later? two years later? what about three?  
 too many innocent lives were lost that day.  

husbands lost wives
children lost mothers
wives lost husbands
children lost fathers
fathers lost sons
mothers lost daughters
fathers lost daughters
mothers lost sons
sisters lost brothers
brothers lost sisters

one life lost is one life too many
may america continue to heal
endure this type of pain ever again!

as we reflect back on these last 10 years, may we remember all the brave men and women who gave their all to save the lives they did.  the men and women who took over the hijacked plane and diverted his route, bless them, for they probably saved hundred's of more lives.

may their families lives be filled with joy and love and the peace that passes all understanding.


  1. Way too many, you are right. This is a beautiful tribute.

  2. *Sniff sniff* How beautifully written and thought-provoking! Ten years ... wow. Still remember it, as if it happened yesterday. Thanks for this endearing post!

    Your new vB friend,


  3. It is amazing how it can still seem so real in our minds. It took away our invincibility, and made us realize it could happen here. I wrote about my memories, too.

    Following from Vb today~

  4. It was one of the most amazing days in so many ways. I've never felt so many emotions in such a short amount of time! It still lives crystal clear, and I wonder if it will feel the same in 20 years, 30 years...

  5. I too can't belive it has been 10 years. Even though the baby I was pregnant with at the time is a beautiful 9 year old girl, who will be turning 10 on Jan. 11 this year. So many lives were lost and changed that day, it was a horrible day. Thank you for a beautiful, moving tribute. I'm so glad to have found you on voiceBoks. I'm now a happy follower.

  6. What a beautiful recap of a horrifying day. I pray peace for the survivors and that we would all be challenged this day to make a difference in our world. (new follower)

  7. isn't is so unreal that it's been 10 years? and, don't you find that until we go to the airport, do we really remember that day? unless we lost a family member or were directly affected, do we honestly think about it? probably not. our lives are so wrapped up in our own every day this and that's which is completely sad, that we don't think about the tragedy. we don't live in ny, we don't see ground zero. it's not until we go to the airport and go through all of the security that we remember - fully remember why we are taking the extra precaution. i hope that in 10 more years, we as americans are still having ceremonies to honor the fallen.

  8. Such a beautiful rememberance of that horrific day.

  9. It is still fresh in my mind, but I've been trying to move past the tragedy and focus on a world in which nobody suffers--not Americans, not the rest of the world, either. My heart still hurts for those who lost loved ones, or who lost their own lives in such a senseless act of terror.