Sunday, September 4, 2011

my new happy place

who doesn't think an aqua purse is just a fabulous find?
i, for one just find it beautiful with every fiber of my body.  thank you thank you thank you for sharing

on a bad hair day, how cute is this? i mean, really? the color, the texture, the lovely.  oh the lovely.
sadly, the etsy shop that this headband was found on is no longer open, but you can view my style board 
for other inspirations

this outfit WILL be mine.  i [HEART] polyvore you just have no clue.  you can create an outfit and find out where to get it, and even set a budget because [oh yes ladies are you holding your breath yet?] it not only tells you where to find it, it tells you the price!  [squueeeel!] so, thank you *polyV* i only wish you would have been around earlier.  below, is an outfit I lurv.  you can also find it on my style board

Welcome to my happy place...

.if you haven't figured out what i'm talking about, you are about to be introduced to a wonderful place!  it's better than window shopping.  i've heard it dubbed "the new crack" although i'm not a crack addict, i am a pinterest addict.  on a level i can't quite honestly explain.  yes, i visit it daily.  multiple times.  i love it.  it's like shopping but you aren't spending any money at all.  i am making my dream list and keeping a list but not having to write it down.  it is saving beautiful pictures for me and oh joy [if i weren't busy typing i'd be clapping my hands] i can visit these pictures anytime i want.  i can follow my favorite bloggers, and the people who inspire me and get this the people who inspire them!  yes.  isn't that just the neatest thing ever?!!  if you haven't already joined the pinterest train, you really should stop by.  e-mail me and i will send you an invite, because there is a waiting list.  YES, it's THAT popular so you HAVE to know someone!  isn't that crazy?  so, i will spread the love and invite you.  i cross my heart, girl scout honor, send you an invite and you can start pinning.  but, be warned.  it IS addicting.  and fun.  and makes you feel oh so happy.  so. come on over and join the happy side.  it's fabulous!  you will see!   so, what are you waiting for??  get on over there and start pinning!

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