Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[a not so] wordless wednesday

it's wednesday which brings...[dun dun dun]
[a not so] wordless wednesday!

is it just me, or has wednesday became your favorite day too??  i find myself thinking...oooh ooooh that picture is sooooo going up on wednesday's post!!!  oh the joy's of my precious!  

so, what's my WORDY wednesday post bringing today?  um, how about a birthday party??  yes, i think so...we went to alyssa's friend from kindergarten brianna's pool party.  i of course brought my lovely and snapped over 100 photo's.  even of the cat.  yes, the cat.  got some really cool up close and personal shots of a scary banana spider too.  eeek! 

it was a great birthday party.  we really had a fun time relaxing and of course spending time with brianna's family.  

happy birthday sweetie!

this cat adopted them...he was fabulous!

and this would be the banana spider.  eeeeek!  i have a fabulous zoom lense.  i was by no stretch of the imagination close to this thing.  although, afterward i felt him all over me!!!

and then i got the prettiest sunset shot eva...oh yes, i know i have A LOT to learn about photography.  like, literally i don't even know what an aperture is.  i mean i know what it means, but don't know what it means, ya know?  i hate [with every fiber of my being] flash photography.  my favorite mode on my camera is literally the CA mode.  creative auto. i take the flash off and blur the background.  that's me.  so, i should totally take a class. but, here's my little landscape with brianna's brother on his motor cross bike.  i'd love to a shoot with him...but i really need to learn and get good, but i love this shot...for now.  watch, i'll look back and laugh cuz i'll be, i had soo much to learn!  lol

that screams FALL to me...the sky was sooooo just wasn't cold like it looks. will be though and SOON!!  yay!  

xoxoxo thanks for stopping by!

i'd love feedback on the picture taking skills...i really need tips! ooh, and don't forget to link up!


  1. Very nice pictures!! And I know what you mean about the aperture thing... I get it but I don't. And flash?! I will only use one if I can use one of the things that softens the light. Do you have one? It goes over the flash and diffuses it so you don't get that harsh light. I usually just set the camera to manual and do my best with the ISO.

    Oh, and banana spiders.. I have one in my daisy bush (not sure what it's really called but it has daisies all over it) but I can't get a good look at it because it's hiding under the leaves.

  2. kelly! i don't have the difuser...i might just use a sock, lol!