Monday, September 26, 2011

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a monday blog hop and random blah blah

i've been pretty happy with how i'm gaining readers.  blogging has turned into a fun little look into my mind.  i didn't want my blog to be a complete mommy blog, i mean how many of those are there.  what? a gazillion.  do we really need yet another mom spilling her guts on what works for her? and, do you find yourself thinking "is her life really like that?  or, is she fluffing it just a bit?"  

so, this is me.  i mean, really.  i am totally r-e-a-l. i think that's what my friends love about me.  i won't sugar coat things for you.  i just won't.  if your bootay looks big in those jeans, hunie, i'm going to tell you.  if your zipper is down, i'm gonna let'cha know.  and, to be quite honest, it's what i look for in a friend too.  so, in my closer than close girl friends, i expect to be told that the shirt i'm wearing makes me look pregnant and lord knows that's not the look i was going for, cuz well, i'm not pregnant, lol.  so, thanks if you are being honest.  ha.

i'm at a point in my life that i'm really cherishing my girlfriends.  i'm   coming into my own and falling in love with that style that screams "me". i couldn't be happier.  i want to be the room mom in my son's kindergarten class next year.  i want to take pictures at the school dances, and at other functions and have them be used for the year book.  i would love nothing more than to make really fun crafty treats and take them to the kids' class rooms for their parties.  and, do this with my close knit of friends i have made these last couple of years.  

thursday's my girlfriends and i have decided to have a craft day.  we are going to teach one another a craft.  i for one will be showcasing my favorite crafts from my oh so favorite blog
 The Idea Room because she is oh so crafty and i love her blog so!  now i just have to decide which craft to do first.  i was thinking about a wreath because it's fall and i need a new one for my door...and for that it will be pinterest to the rescue!  i may have to have friday's a special day to blog all about my thursday girlfriend day!  oooh i can't wait!  this thursday will be our first get together.  now, what to name our little club??

any ideas?

so, my blog may not be all about's more like what makes me well, me.  and yes, my kids and my family make my life what it is.  i love my girlfriends and have come to realize that they make my life tick too.  i'm a lover of my camera...i don't leave home without it.  i love building things -- renovating things...and i can thank jen aka "ying" and i would be "yang" or i would be pnut butta and she jelly [lol] for all that...i love wreaths...again, jen...i love cottage-y things...that would be an emily thing...i really dig crafting...both jen and ems can be thanked for that...really, my friends just rock the house.  and, they inspire me! so, ya.  i am just one lucky chick to have these fabulous women in my life.  you too will be inspired by them!  wanna hear something funny? jen and ems haven't even met yet...oh, they are going to just kill me for that one!  thursdays are going to be my most favorite day from now on!!!  

went to a bday party this weekend.  got a few great shots ...

water balloon fights are the best...

we also spent time at ying's house this, i took time to take pics of some of my favorite things in her home...oh how i love jen's house...
hello crayon art!

look at these pillows...why yes, they are napkins.  aren't they dandy?

is this not the cutest wreath eva???

this is the perfect saying for jen.  it speaks volumes about the person she is...

i love my camera!
i have no idea what took me so long to get a DSLR...oh i'm never going back to the "other side" hee hee....

it's time for cub scouts!  



  1. Love the balloon fight pics...they look so innocent in the kids' the peace before the storm.

  2. shannon! was the calm right before the storm. you should have heard them "don't get miss erika wet, she'll kill us if we ruin her camera!"