Friday, September 30, 2011

say NO to auto!

i did it!

i said no to auto folks!  and i am so happy i did!

[next, i am totally investing in photo shop!]

so, without editing at all, i am going to show you a few things i did these last few days while saying no to auto ...

first, i learned how to slow down my shutter speed and create the eversocool

water droplets...

and the water was not just dripping.,,,  
it was ON!  
i was so pleased!  
sure, a few photos came out pure white.  
a few came  out pure black.  
but, after playing with the "numbers" i got my beautiful pictures!  i can't wait to see how they will turn out when i get photo shop!! 

then, i went to the kids first dance...and didn't even use the flash.  
[remember...these are straight from my editing]

i love this picture...miley cyrus was on and even i was dancing lol

dance off...

he was raising the roof...

and she does the sprinkler...i think i pee'd my pants!

i love hello kitty so i had to take a pic of this sweetie!

the girls relax while we clean up...

[i see so much potential in these un edited photos!]

and tonight.  this was the ultimate test.  
it's dark in our living room.
check out the difference of the auto and my settings!  
[ok, this is not the best picture but what i want you to see is the fact that oh em gee...when it's in the auto mode look how dark it looks!  the manual mode the settings were ss1"6 i know that's like uber crazy but i really wanted to see how to NOT use the flash...when i say it was dark i mean DARK, f5.6 iso1600 sooo it's a little blurry because well, i needed a tri pod, let's be honest that ss u need one to take that a pic that slow, lol but still look at how soft and creamy the coloring is...that's what i really wanted to come out of this little exercise.  just the coloring.  i know it's by no means a perfect pic, lol]


yes!  i will be saying NO to auto from now on!

thanks to kristen  -- i won't look at photography the same!

go get her e-book!  i am so glad i did!



  1. Great Post. Love the comparing picture with the pooch. Thanks for sharing.

  2. tehlia! isn't it crazy? in the auto you can't even tell the kitchen light was on. i mean, it was. it wasn't a spot light by ANY stretch of the imagination, but i mean come on, in the auto mode it looks like it's off. wowza right?!!!!

  3. Very Cool Pictures . Following From Voiceboks. Anna

  4. I love your photos Erika. One of these days I'm going to treat myself to a camera and learn to use it so that I too can say NO to auto! Cynthia, vb

  5. Anna...thank you =)

    cynthia! really should treat yourself! i literally don't leave home without my camera now...i love her so! =) and i tell you it is SOOOOOO rewarding when you learn about the camera and use that manual mode! the pictures come out so pretty!!!!! =) the ebook is so fabulous and for $10 it's WELL worth the investment!!!!

    thanks for the comments ladies [they really do make my day! i love feedback and comments...connecting with readers is heartwarming!]

  6. Isn't it awesome when you begin to learn more about your camera!
    Learning to shoot in manual and shooting in RAW were the best changes I made when it came to my DSLR.
    I am self taught as well and it's all about just learning as you go and practice practice practice!
    Great shots by the way :)