Thursday, September 29, 2011

taking a to find it!

well, i'm taking the leap!

i want to learn all i can regarding photography.  i mean, i got my first DSLR so why not take advantage of what she has to offer, right?  right.

so, i want to take a class.  it doesn't have to be in school, as in at a college at night where it will take me away from my sweet family.  i can easily do this while gunnar is running around playing ben 10, or army men.  i can do this in my free time.  yes, i have free time -- i mean, hello, how am i blogging?  we MAKE time when we WANT to do something!  

we all know i love amy from the idea room, it's no secret on my blog!  i talk about the idea room all the time....well, it's also no secret that amy is one wonderful photographer and we love her because she shares her secrets [gasp!] yes...yes she does!  

well, as i was on my other love pinterest, i was looking up photography and came across a little link that spiked my interest. it said "say no to auto" it peeked my interest because i really want to learn about manual mode and all about my, i click on it and, where does it take me? to amy's blog!  of course!  lol, but, more importantly to the most amazing page that i have no idea how i've never seen it before!  it's the page where i decided i'm totally taking a class!  and, now i have a new favorite kristen!  oh she is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!  she used to write on amy's blog [i proly would have cried had i known this....cuz when i read her farewell post i found myself getting a little emotional...i blame it on my period getting ready to start] and tells all her little secret's...i have now found a new best friend, and she has no clue who i am!  lol if you have a love for photography, this is a must read ... and yes, i'm going to purchase her e-book because well, after reading the tips she gave i mean, i have to!  you proly should here to access site and get it!

so friends, i am now looking for an online class to take.  perhaps i will get her book first and just start there.  i am also totally going to invest in photoshop.  yes, i do have picnik and i have been able to make some amazing shots look unbelievable. but, after looking at kristen's pictures after photoshop...i'm really blown away!

so, i'm totally excited because i have tried a few of her tips and have done really well with changing the iso and ss and i'm excited because wow.  just wow!  what a difference!  no more auto for me! now, tonight i'm taking pics at the kids "back to school" dance...i cringe thinking about the flash that will be used.  urg!  i may be e-mailing kristen today!  crossing fingers she can help me!

how about you?  do you know what i can do??  i HATE flash photography...but...i'll be indoors at a dance =!!


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