Saturday, October 1, 2011's no joke!

a picture's worth a thousand words...

so, you've all read my posts about me going through my pcos diagnosis.  if you don't recall my personal hell you'll proly want to refresh your memory...

here's the thing.  i have tried EVERYTHING to lose weight.  really. i have.  my hubbie says i have cost us $5,000 a pound.  i know he's kidding, but sadly, he's not.  

i'm not a lazy person.  really, i'm not. but, i was starting to wonder!  am i turning into a couch potato?  am i going to be one of those fat mommies who will end up on dr oz begging for his help because i'm so large and my kids [even though they won't dare say it] are embarrassed by me?  


so, on my last straw, i took the plunge and went to a weight loss clinic after seeing my friend chesley in her beautiful glory.

[always has been]
but oh my lord 
to see her from what she was to what she is now 
[she was as beautiful on the outside as i always knew she was on the inside]

and i was proud of her!

i had been running miles on end with no success ... something was wrong and i was DONE.

so, here i go to this weight loss clinic.  i'm not as large as the people i see going in and out of this place.  i'm sweating as i walk in.  i have just been diagnosed with PCOS [those are just a few of the symptoms i was suffering from]  i can't take it anymore.  i just can't.

i get my first shot.  within a month i lose 11 lbs but i just don't "feel good"...that's when i meet Monica.  she introduces me to ViSalus.  

i can honestly tell you i have never felt better.


she also introduces me to dr. victoria beckman.  who starts giving me shots...these shots are called "cocoon's" ... they are all natural and are basically ViSalus in a shot form.  A-mazing.  

ViSalus and Cocoon together have brought me back to life.  LITERALLY.  see, when you have good nutrition, your body thanks you.  and, it in ways you just have no can never imagine until you experience it.

i was 197 lbs in March.  i know.  wow.

at the weight loss clinic i weighed 184 lbs. 

i was wearing a TIGHT 14.

i got down to 173...and into a size 12.  they too were tight.

today, i weighed 177.  hmmmm you say? 

well...get this...

i'm in a size 8.  [10's are still my go to but they are lose lol]

ViSalus is allowing my body to keep my muscle and get rid of my FAT...yup!  inches baby inches! 

but, here is what i want to show you.  it's my skin.  i suffer[ED] from cystic acne.  it is a thing of the past.  there is A LOT more of what i suffered from...but, this is the big one.

erika before.  i had HOPE.  i gave all of this to GOD.  i knew he was allowing me to go through this for a reason. in fact, when this picture was taken, i was looking up and thinking "dear God please, let this work..."

i was already taking ViSalus for about 2 weeks, so by now i'm feeling symptoms of PCOS are lowering.  i'm sleeping well which is a MIRACLE in itself! but, my face does not show it...picture taken with iPad.

the one on my chin is cystic and it hurts.  very bad.  picture taken with an iPad.

and then...i get my second shot.  three days later i wake up and i CRY!  i can't BELIEVE my i am!  yes, this is me.  the same erika as above.  i have a little bit of makeup on.  but not much.  [i actually had sweat it off lol it was HOT that day!!!] mascara and some bare minerals which is what i was using at the time [future post will be talking about the BEST makeup and skin care line you will WANT to know about!!!] this picture is taken from my iPhone.  

ahem...ViSalus folks.  Cocoon.  [i know u may not be able to get a Cocoon shot unless you live here in prattville...BUT...we are expanding!  we do have a clinic in Louisiana, we are expanding to Texas too and future places as well] find us on facebook and keep up with us!  

so, do you have any medical issues?  let's see...diabetes?  pcos?  chrons?  colitis?  ms?  ra?  what if you want to lose weight?  or, do you simply want to get healthy and FEEL great?!!!  

seriously, folks.  i wouldn't sway you.  i am very passionate about Visalus because i mean, it saved my life!

here's what you do:

go to my site

click on join the challenge

then, click on join the challenge; become a customer

you click on what country you are coming from and your language

next, you will chose your challenge kit...

i suggest the shape kit which is $99.00 a month [it is the kit i upgraded to because once i started, i realized i never wanted to run out and i was drinking 2 shakes a day instead of 1]  and, 2 shakes a day is how i REALLY started seeing and FEELING my results. it really made a difference! [and i add it to the kid's pancake mix and they have come to love their "new pancakes"]

after you chose your kit, you will click next and fill out your information [billing and such]

you will also create your very own customer page so that you can share ViSalus with others as well!  you then, will have the opportunity to receive your next shipment for $$FREE$$  yes.  that's right.  and, perhaps NEVER pay again!  [i know, AMAZING! it's like wow...getting awesome nutrition for free???  yes please!]

once you have filled all of your information out and started your page, you are done!  when you receive your ViSalus, you will log into your account and then click start a challenge...put in a before picture [make sure to take one!!!] and write your story...

***i have decided that the first 5 people to start the challenge with me [the same challenge --- i started the shape, i am going to personally send them a gift, so, get on it!]  we have a 30 day, BOTTOM OF THE BAG money back guarantee, so if you do not like the taste of it [which is really not something that would happen, lol],or you don't feel like it's working like it says it should, you simply call the company and you get your money back.  you really have nothing to lose!****

i'm no spokesperson.  i was a customer for a month.  a MONTH.  and i became a distributor.  i had to.  it saved my life.  it gave me back what PCOS took.  

so, why not try it?  tell me what you think.  share it with the ones you love.  i just did!



  1. I'm visiting and following from VB. I have my own diet restrictions and such, and can't partake, but I wish you much luck and success with it! Good for you for looking after your health!

  2. I'm totally going to at least try it when I get my business going well :) I'm SOOO glad this is working for you!

  3. I have never heard of this before, I am so glad it is working for you!

  4. ladies! i seriously shed tears everyday because i'm feeling so well! cookies mom, i really wish you could partake! maybe one day ViSalus can do what they need to for you to be able to use it! cheryl...i hadn't heard of it until recently either...and man i am so glad i did though!! i used to use juice plus and never felt this's simply remarkable!!!!!

  5. Awesome, Erika! What a feeling to help others change their health like you did/are/still doing... The shakes are gluten free, 2 grams of sugar and kosher. My Mom's oncologist wanted to know what she was taking because at her first checkup after she had robotics surgery for her lung cancer, he could see that her blood work was perfect... yep! Perfect! He KNEW it was the nutrition she was getting! Then, my Dad.. down from 4 insulin shots a day to 1 as needed for his diabetes. My sister, down 68 lbs. since this past February without exercise (we do advocate exercise, but she simply had no time in her schedule, plus she was size 18/20) and now in a size 8. And my husband and I ... both down 40 lbs (him in 2.5 months) and I down 27 (25 lbs down in 3 months for me). Full blown menopause "fluff"... GONE! Woo to the hoo! If you are reading this and you are at your wits end, seriously... money back guarantee within 30 days, no questions asked. It's the shake that tastes like cake! Yummy, delicious goodness! Go to Erika's site and join the challenge. You have nothing to lose but bad health. Blessings!

  6. Wow, your skin looks amazing! I'm so happy it worked well for you.


  7. thanks rosann!!!!!! it is so awesome ....

  8. Okay, my face has started looking like that. I thought it was the new primer...I'm going to mention this to my doctor.

  9. My skin has been a mess for years. I am 42 and have been drinking two shakes a day for about a month. I am working out every day as well. I started out at 130 lbs and am at 126. I need advice and can't seem to get my rep. to really understand my issues. Maybe you can help? I am not sure I will re-order if I can't find someone to help me through the initial stages. You story captured me. I am skeptical, yes. But if my skin can look like yours, if there is any chance, I am willing, even as a pretty poor person, to keep trying.
    My e mail is Will you talk with me? :) Cairn